Morgan K. Sage, Realtor

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chicago

Morgan K. Sage, a Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chicago is a leader by nature. She was the first of her friends to purchase real estate at only 23 years old, and years later, began pursuing a career in the business.

“So many of my skills and experiences came together to make me the Realtor I am today,” she says of her business savvy and multi-industry experience. “My background of researching and vetting every step I’ve made comes together today to make me a data-informed, market-intelligent leader in my field.” Always eager to learn from her experiences whether positive or negative, Sage channels each client and each transaction into forming a sharper and more intentional style of doing business.

“I’ll work with anyone that needs my help, whether that’s a new-construction buyer, a luxury seller or a VA loan with a lot of different caveats to satisfy,” she says. “I do that because I love having the opportunity to experience new personalities, new challenges and to get great results for each client.” Active in a wide swath of neighborhoods across Chicagoland, Sage has experienced a huge variety of markets and circumstances over the last 17 years of her Realtor journey — from a housing bubble and recession, to accelerating demand and low interest rates, all the way to 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic.

“It doesn’t really matter what the circumstances are, my service remains solid,” she says of clients who often laud her pain-free, responsive, honest and professional service. “Clients want to work with someone who is reliable, friendly and patient. I embrace the opportunity to be their rock during an emotional process.” Indeed, “Sage advice” is exactly what clients can expect from this 2019 BHHS Hall of Fame inductee and winner of countless awards. “I understand what this process is like for them, and I support them from start to finish — and beyond!”

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