Megan Campbell Barnitz, Real Estate Broker


Her love of helping others prompted Megan Campbell Barnitz, a real estate broker with @properties, to join the real estate industry 18 years ago, and she hasn’t looked back. Campbell Barnitz knows how to support clients as they navigate the emotional processes unique to selling a beloved family home, as well as the anxiety that can accompany the purchase of a new one. She tries to keep things as stress-free as possible.

“The real estate market is always changing,” Campbell Barnitz explains. “I love being the one that people come to, because I can help keep them excited while I handle the hard stuff.”

Her clients have come to count on for her professionalism, accessibility, communication skills and industry expertise. She serves the Chicago market, as well as the northwestern and western suburbs, and specializes in residential real estate, including the buying and selling of single-family homes, attached houses, vacant properties and new construction. She also is well-versed in the luxury sector, turning dream homes into reality.

Campbell Barnitz doesn’t view clients as walking transactions. She knows that building relationships with them, combined with her expert familiarity with the real estate industry, is the recipe for success — her own, as well as her clients’. “We leave the transaction with a friendship and lasting relationship for the years to come,” she says.

COVID-19 caused a major shift in business operations across the globe, causing millions of people to leave their offices and work from home. Instead of being intimidated by the new normal, Campbell Barnitz triumphed. “Pivoting marketing strategies, house-selling strategies and then the rapid increase in activity was a challenge,” she remembers. “I am most proud to have been able to implement new practices and turn it into one of my most successful years to date.”

The economic uncertainty of COVID-19 worried many, but Campbell Barnitz’s lemons-to-lemonade attitude and her empathetic nature helped to put clients at ease, proving that with her, they’re always in good hands.

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