Mark Raffaelli, Broker Associate


Mark Raffaelli conducted plenty of market research in the name of paving a successful career path. “When I started my career, I would move every two to three years,” says Raffaelli, broker associate at Compass. “That was my way of learning the different areas of the city.” His technique proved to be successful, as he’s now in his 20th year in the industry.

When Raffaelli is working on behalf of his clients, he describes himself as “very patient, yet extremely aggressive when working a deal.” “I think it’s important to have that balance,” he explains. I will not work an area unless I know it extremely well, and I will learn everything there is to know about every property I am selling.”

2020 was a year unlike any other, and Raffaelli’s balanced approach helped him expertly negotiate on behalf of his clients. “This past year has been a bidding war! My buyers have complimented me on advising them on the best way to handle those situations,” he says.

Raffaelli credits his success to customer service and consistency. “I believe every deal should be treated special,” he shares. “Always do what you say you’re going to do: call people back quickly, and do not procrastinate! Your clients should never have to call you to see what’s going on.”

Part of Raffaelli’s customer service approach is that he shows his clients more than just properties. “I try to make our time viewing properties as stress-free as possible,” he says. “I love great food, and I especially like to take breaks with my clients to local eateries.

Despite many closures this past year due to the pandemic, Raffaelli made sure to help out where he was able. “I helped a number of elderly people who were not able to leave their homes. I would grocery shop for them and help with other errands. The best part was making the day for someone that had to take a step back from life and depend on someone else. I was glad to be that person.”

To balance out his work life, Raffaelli enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife and children.

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