Larry Steinway, Branch Manager/SVP of Mortgage Lending

Guaranteed Rate

Real estate is a family affair for Larry Steinway. He initially got started in the mortgage business in 1990, when the small brokerage his sister worked for needed more loan officers. His mom was already a real estate agent, so “the stars were lining up” for him to enter the industry.

“To me, this one of the best jobs a person can have,” says Steinway. “The harder and smarter you work, the more opportunities present themselves.”

With almost three decades of experience in the mortgage lending business, Steinway has funded over $1.4 billion in loans over the course of his career and has been fortunate enough to be in the top one percent of loan originators in the U.S. Steinway also has the proud distinction of being one of the first four loan officers to be hired at Guaranteed Rate when they opened their doors in June of 2000.

Steinway grew up in Northbrook and has lived in Deerfield for the past 17 years. He attended Illinois State University, where he studied business and communications and played hockey, which he says taught him the leadership and team-building skills he uses to this day.

When he’s not using those skills to navigate the lending business, Steinway loves to play the bass guitar with his buddies in their band at festivals and venues in the North Shore area.

Steinway’s unquestionably a family man and considers Deerfield to be his hometown because Elizabeth, his wife, grew up there and says he knows who’s the boss is in his household (even though he grew up in Northbrook). “Both of my daughters are passionate about their activities and always keep me and my wife on my toes,” he jokes.

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