Kris Berger, Real Estate Agent

The Kris Berger Group, Compass

A move from commercial real estate to residential was just what the doctor ordered when Kris Berger, a real estate agent with Compass, had her little boy. After 25 years — and a little boy who isn’t so little anymore — Berger is leading a team, the Kris Berger Group, and specializing in western suburban markets around Hinsdale. She’s built a skillset across luxury listings, single-family homes of every budget level, condo developments and new construction.

“Clients like my hands-on approach,” Berger says. “I really try to help them with everything — not just finding the house, but having the resources to help the entire process go smoothly.” With an education in art and photography, she brings a fine-tuned vision and a keen eye for detail to her listings, but is also more than qualified to help clients envision the potential in properties they consider buying (she has 20 years of experience in remodeling and flipping). And in 2020, Berger put COVID-19 challenges in their place, staying safe while building her best sales year ever.

“It was my best year, $65 million in volume, a 38% jump,” she notes. “Buying and selling is a very emotional process in any year, but particularly for last year, being able to negotiate and represent my clients with strength was a privilege for me.” Routinely ranking among the top 10 agents in DuPage County and the top agent in Compass’ Hinsdale office, Berger today places among the top 1% of Compass’ agents nationwide.

“I have a proven process for my clients to ensure their full understanding of the work we’re doing, but I also keep it easygoing,” she says. Today, Berger’s two kids are grown and she enjoys supporting her community, family and clients with the same passion and purpose, earning her referral after referral.

“I’m blessed with a career that I’ve naturally grown into,” she shares, “and I truly love my job.”

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