Kiki Troulos, Executive Vice President

A & N Mortgage Services, Inc.

Driven by her passion for helping others, Kiki Troulos presents her clients with a clear pathway towards financial independence. As the executive vice president of A and N Mortgage Services, Inc., Troulos specializes in governmental and conventional products for first time home buyers and first responders.

Throughout her 16 year career, Troulos has demonstrated the value of perseverance and empathy and continues to prove that transparency, patience and accessibility are the key tenets to success in the lending industry. “I am flexible and willing to work around my clients needs to determine the best options for them,” she explains. “It is my priority to keep all parties informed and involved and to be able to simplify the process as much as I can so my borrowers feel secure in their decision to entrust me with their biggest purchase.”

Troulos begins every transaction by setting clear expectations and explaining the process in full, ensuring that her clients understand the timeline and the breadth of options available to them prior to getting started.

In 2020, despite having to diversify her business structure to accommodate the pandemic, Troulos received the A and N Mortgage Presidents Award. “I believe that having to adjust my approach ultimately positioned me to be a stronger and more creative partner for my clients,” says Troulos.

Citing her toddlers’ constant growth and development as and endless source of joy and satisfaction, Troulos notes that they push her to improve and be the best version of herself every day. “They challenge me to be better and I apply that to my life both personally and professionally,” she explains. In addition to spending time with her family, Troulos loves to exercise and travel.

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