John Moony, Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending, Originating Manager

Guaranteed Rate Affinity

Coming from a family of teachers — his father, mother and brother are all educators — John Moony inherently begins each client relationship focusing on education.

“Ultimately, they’re driving the car,” says Moony, senior vice president of mortgage lending and originating manager with Guaranteed Rate Affinity. “I walk them through their options, and once they understand, they can choose the best products and structure for them.”

Although his approach is laid-back, he is very process-driven and scientific. “Lending is simultaneously an art and a science,” he muses. “And I take pride in explaining which aspects of the process are black and white with hard stops, and which are more subjective with work-arounds.”

Moony loves the technical aspects of the job — examining how the price per square foot relates to monthly payment, and how it changes what it can buy you in different neighborhoods and markets—and thrives on the creativity it takes to put deals together. The fact that no two transactions are ever the same has kept him highly engaged in lending for the past 17 years.

“I started as a processor at a different company in 2003, which gave me the ability to learn the transaction from the inside out,” he recounts. “Once I got good at finding solutions for my loan officers, I saw the opportunity to get licensed and start bringing in clients on my own.”

As both an originator and a manager, the core of what Moony does is help people achieve their goals by first listening to what they want and then collaborating on a means to get there. In 2020, more of his loan officers made President’s Club than ever before. “Many folks on our team had their best year ever,” he remarks. “With everything that went into 2020 as a whole, that’s something I’m incredibly proud of and grateful for.”

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