Goldstein Group


Jackie Luxem, Real Estate Broker

Kaylin Goldstein, Real Estate Broker

Stefanie Campbell, Real Estate Broker

They’re three powerful female leaders with 24 years of combined experience and the right attitudes to get the job done in Chicago’s most in-demand markets. Real estate brokers Kaylin Goldstein, Jackie Luxem and Stefanie Campbell, of @properties’ Goldstein Group, are making a big splash in Chicago real estate. All three women share a common bond and extensive knowledge of the city and suburban markets.

“We all share creative, entrepreneurial attitudes and had interest in real estate at a young age,” they say. “Serving clients across multiple areas is part of what allows us to really build a name for ourselves and expand our reach as a team.” Clients tout the team’s knowledgeable, high-service, responsive approach to communication. “Clients value that we’re warm people but strong negotiators,” they add.

Striking a balance between hard-nosed business skills and engaging, friendly demeanor, The Goldstein Group has developed a reputation for being incredibly hardworking and dedicated to seeing its clients through every step of the process. “We never want our clients to feel pressured to just buy something,” the brokers insist. “The property should be a great investment for our clients, and we want the experience to be seamless.” The Goldstein Group continues to achieve new milestones, too: In 2020, Campbell was honored by @properties for her “Road to Rolex” ranking, while all three were recognized as Chicago Association of Realtors and @properties top producers. In 2020, the team generated over $50 million in closings, while this year they’re projecting more than $80 million.

As Goldstein and her team members onboard new buyers and sellers, they walk through a detailed step-by-step process to prepare and establish expectations while engaging leading vendors to assist along the way. “We love helping clients find properties before they come to market,” Goldstein adds of her team of 12 agents total. “Working together to build this team and network adds tremendous value for our clients.”

These three agents declare, “We are grateful to work alongside each other and share in our knowledge daily.”

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