Collin Walker & Jason Fenstermaker

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Collin Walker, Real Estate Broker

Jason Fenstermaker, Realtor

The desire to charter their own destiny and be in control of their success is what drove both Collin Walker and Jason Fenstermaker into real estate from previous careers as both a professional baseball player and a government contractor.

“After finishing a career in professional baseball I knew that I wanted to have something where I worked for myself and charted my own destiny,” Walker says. “I had always been interested in real estate and real estate investing so I naturally took a path in this industry.”

Fenstermaker says like many, he started his career by chance. “Before this, I was a contractor for the government and like many government jobs when the contract is over, so is your career and that is not something I was willing to risk,” he says. “Real estate gave me the opportunity to be in charge of professional and personal life while being a part of something bigger by helping others.”

It’s their experience that helps them rise above the competition.

“Experience is everything, and we’re a team that is always developing,” Fenstermaker says. “We don’t just sit around and wait for things to happen to us we make them happen.”

Walker himself is deeply involved in real estate investment and also owns a national corporate housing company outside of his real estate career.

“Because of this I am constantly involved in the market myself and can confidently relay my beliefs and knowledge of marketplaces to my clients,” he says. “I believe my clients knowing that I am making very real decisions myself about the markets I work in helps me to relay confident decision making in my clients.”

Outside of work Walker is an avid golfer who likes to have his clients join him because he believes you can learn a lot about a person on the golf course.

Fenstermaker, a fitness lover, can be found at the gym, indoor rock climbing or joining friends at CrossFit. “We used to love going to recess or gym class and running around when we were kids, why did we ever stop enjoying that,” he says.

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