Brian Pistorius, Founding Broker

The Brian Pistorius Group, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chicago

Knowing and honoring your history can often be the quickest path to embracing and boldly pursuing your destiny. For Brian Pistorius, founding broker of The Brian Pistorius Group at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chicago, that story began more than a century ago, when his great-great-grandfather started a real estate company, A. Saccone & Sons, in 1890. After graduating college, Pistorius shadowed his grandfather, Richard Saccone, and learned the business from him.

“You can say real estate runs in my blood,” Pistorius muses of this deep connection across generations. Having grown up in the northwestern suburbs of the city and now with 17 years in the business, he appreciates the history, mentors and unique city that have helped shape who he is today. “These influences, coupled with hard work,” he declares, “are how I achieved BHHS Chairman’s Circle Gold 2020 for top 2% worldwide, among others.”

While clients say his responsiveness and attention to detail resonate with them, Pistorius believes that “the best interest is always my motivating factor.” Respectful of the magnitude of the investment his clients are making in him and in their home, he endeavors to minimize the stress and anxiety of such an investment, instead arming clients with a clear process and expectations. “There’s already enough uncertainty and stress involved, but if I can prepare them for what comes next,” he remarks, “it makes things so much more enjoyable for them.” Fun-loving and calm-spirited, Pistorius relies on instinct and over 100 years of legacy to help him feel confident in how he supports clients — and it shows.

“I’m available and accessible to them, and I’m always easy to work with and data-driven,” he insists. “My goal isn’t about volume and numbers; it’s about client experience.” And he never loses sight of the story that began generations before him. “This legacy,” he shares, “is something I always cherish.”

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