Anne Harvey, Founder

A.H. HOME redesign + staging

From vacant to occupied properties, estates to studios, Anne Harvey does it all. As the founder of A.H. HOME redesign + staging, Harvey partners with Realtors directly, ensuring a faster sale at a higher price point. Combining her backgrounds in the fine arts, comedy and property management, she has the design and business savvy to maintain client relations while turning a home into a coveted property and keeping everyone laughing and happy throughout the process.

Citing her childhood Barbie Dreamhouse as the impetus for her career path, Harvey brings humor and levity to the real estate industry. “The best compliment I’ve received is being called a ‘human judge-free zone!’” she says, noting that she wants her clients to feel comfortable and confident about their space during the evaluation. “It’s my job to look past any wine bottles and Legos to educate sellers on how to best present their homes so it sparks an emotional connection for prospective buyers. Staging used to be an option; now it’s expected!”

Harvey is an active member of the Real Estate Staging Association and upholds its high standards by empowering sellers with proactive measures to enhance their home’s appeal. “We are part of the overall process of selling a property, just as the closing attorney or the mortgage lender is,” she explains. “Our co-branded staging brochures, checklists, evaluation sheets and reports are an ideal addition to the materials agents include in the real estate process. We are here to add value.”

An active supporter of Humble Design, an organization that furnishes the homes of families and veterans coming out of homelessness, Harvey repurposes, reuses and donates nearly everything she declutters from a client’s home. “Our clients love that their items are going to furnish the homes of families transitioning out of shelters and into homes of their own,” she says. “Every spatula counts!”

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