Joy Breda Prisching, Senior Mortgage Sales Consultant

Key Mortgage Services

With a wealth of sales experience, a background in event planning and recruiting, and a keen creative mind, Joy Breda Prisching brings a unique skill set to the real estate industry. As a senior mortgage sales consultant at Key Mortgage Services, Prisching works with a variety of product types and clients, and especially loves working with first-time homebuyers.

Before transitioning into lending, Prisching had honed a variety of skills through her varied background. When she was first introduced to the idea of the mortgage industry, she had no idea how well her skill set would come together to help her guide clients. Now with 23 years of experience, she has built a successful career by using both the right and left sides of her brain.

Prisching emphasizes communication and understanding with clients. “I don’t sell products or services initially; I take the time to listen and learn,” she says. “I take the time to talk to them and learn what they’re looking to do now and down the road. The key to a successful transaction is understanding clients’ needs and wants.”
Prisching stands by her clients every step of the way, from the first intro call and preapproval to closing. “My ultimate goal is to help people get into homes with as little hassle and aggravation as possible,” she says.

Prisching relies on her creative skills and graphic design background to create fun visuals to help agents and clients understand the process. “I never would have thought that my drawing skills would take me to the places they have,” she says. She even began collaborating with her mother to create a unique closing gift for each of her clients: miniature cardboard houses that match the client’s home, with incredible detail work down to the house number. Together, they have given more than 800 clients a special gift to celebrate their successes.

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