Bentley Phillips, Founder and Director of Leasing

Spaces Real Estate

Despite the cliche, Bentley Phillips does sweat the small stuff, because that’s what helps clients succeed. Phillips applies an analytical approach to the residential multifamily leasing, real estate portfolio management and asset valuation services offered through Spaces Real Estate LLC. As the founder and director of leasing, he has worked for 12 years with multifamily landlords and developers, as well as renters, in Chicagoland.

Finding himself driven to look at the little things is what attracted Phillips to real estate, and it’s what keeps him engaged with his clients. He continues to bring better technology, communication and transparency to the process. “This has resulted in many long-lasting relationships with our clients, and between the landlords and renters we represent,” Phillips says. “The most important element is consistent and methodical communication to ensure clients have information in a timely manner to make informed critical decisions.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Phillips has carried projects forward by adapting to challenges, including sharing available housing stock virtually while educating landlords and renters on successfully finding and renting an apartment without leaving home. The changes led to one of his biggest accomplishments of the year: leasing more than 75% of the Edge on Broadway building to people who had never set foot in it.

Phillips’ experience and background, including a previous career as an investment banker, help him address clients’ needs. He pays attention to details and sets up direct access to the rest of his team. “Real estate will always present challenges, no matter how strategic and organized a specific task is,” he says. “My clients know I am committed to them and will leave no stone unturned when it comes to their properties. Believing failure is not an option has always provided motivation and been a key to my success.”

Phillips is an executive board member at the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance and sits on the board of the Lakeview Developers Association.

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