Steven Dykeman, Vice President of Lending

Blueleaf Lending

Upon earning his MBA, Steven Dykeman held various positions in finance. Yet, he chose mortgage lending as a career, because it allows him to interact with clients on a daily basis and truly change their lives for the better.

“I always assemble the best possible options and programs available,” says Dykeman, vice president of lending at Blueleaf. He serves all categories of clients, primarily dealing with residential purchases and refinancing, though he is proficient in construction and commercial loans as well.

In the past, Dykeman has been listed among Blueleaf’s Top 200 Mortgage Producers in the U.S., based on yearly closed volume. A high-volume producer for many years, he has seen almost every possible scenario and is adept at problem solving, as long as there is a viable solution. “I truly love the fact that my clients are happy and at ease, for the most part, with what can be a difficult process at times,” he says.

Dykeman is upfront with all the details and lets clients know he is always available to answer questions or provide updates. “I have created a variety of documents and processes
that make my clients super-informed and comfortable,” he says. “This allows for a huge amount of positive word-of-mouth referrals and keeps my phone ringing.”

Indeed, it is the tough deals that give Dykeman the most satisfaction. “I can’t even count the number of times I have helped people improve their credit profile over time and ultimately achieve their lifelong dream of homeownership,” he says. Typically, clients give him a score of ten out of ten, describing him as incredibly knowledgeable and a great teacher. They also say he goes the extra mile to present all possible options, even if it’s a product they did not consider.

A husband and a father of three young children, Dykeman makes family his top priority and enjoys traveling. “I love the freedom I have with my hours,” he says. Not too long ago, he played volleyball at a high level before retiring from it. In the recent past, he has rehabbed many homes. He still owns several rental properties and hopes to continually obtain more.

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