Michael Valente & Briana Gershenzon, Managing Partner & General Contractor, Interior Designer

Renovation Sells

Michael Valente and Briana Gershenzon quickly produce high-end results without the high-end price tag. Forming Renovation Sells in 2018, they lead a one-stop shop for sellers and agents seeking construction management and design services before listing.

“We recognized the need for a full-service company that would take on small construction updates that are usually overlooked by the larger construction firms,” they say. “We saw that agents were taking on a lot of the design and construction management themselves for their clients in order to get ready for a sale.”

Valente, the firm’s managing partner and general contractor, has more than a decade of experience, working in the construction and development industry since 2007. He is also a licensed Realtor, which provides him with a deep understanding of both agent and seller needs. Valente works hand in hand with the listing agent to determine which cosmetic updates will bring the most return.

“Seeing our clients’ listings move quickly and for a price they are happy with continues to give us a sense of accomplishment,” Gershenzon says. Within the first year of business, Renovation Sells completed 50 projects, many which have sold after only a few days on the market. One project that previously wasn’t drawing bidders, a $2.5 million listing from one of the city’s top agents, received three offers following Valente’s and Gershenzon’s stylish redesign.

“We aim to make updates to the property that bring the most return,” they say. “We show restraint and won’t advise a client to make updates that aren’t needed. We want to work with the original space, rapidly making minor renovations that make a major visual impact.”

Prior to joining Renovation Sells, Gershenzon worked with residential interior design firms in Chicago before founding Walden Interior Design. Having partnered with each other on past development projects, the Renovation Sells duo knew they would make a good team. “Our goal is to make every property Instagram-worthy,” they say.

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