Michael Mandile & Tim Lorimer, Broker, Co-founder and Partner

Compass- The Mandile + Lorimer Property Group

The best brokers never forget their clients’ birthdays — at least that’s the case for Michael Mandile and Tim Lorimer, co-founders of The Mandile + Lorimer Property Group with Compass.

“As you get busier, it is easy to overlook the little things,” says Mandile. “Arrive early, stay late, make sure your emails are answered, acknowledge your clients and don’t forget your birthday calls — even if the clients were part of a deal from two years ago and have since moved out of state. The discipline and the acknowledgement of all the little details will make or break you in the long run.”

Serving a variety of buyers, sellers, developers, investors and landlords in downtown Chicago and the northwest suburbs, Lorimer and Mandile have been lauded for their market knowledge, positivity and relentless drive. “Every client gets the proverbial white-glove treatment, regardless of the transaction size,” says Lorimer. “We always push ourselves to provide better service than our fellow brokers.”

In their first year as a team, Lorimer and Mandile handled more than 200 transactions, including that of a private estate and a new construction development. “We experienced exponential growth in the eight months following our formation of the group,” says Lorimer. “We now have several brokers and assistants working with us.” In 2018, the Chicago Association of Realtors presented Mandile with its Rookie of the Year award.

Prior to becoming brokers two years ago, Mandile managed a rental property portfolio and Lorimer was an options trader. “My prior career in investing gave me a really strong understanding of the economy, business cycles, interest rates, and, most importantly, supply and demand — the No. 1 factor in a real estate transaction,” says Lorimer. “My expertise on how markets work helps my clients make sound decisions.”

Outside of work, both Lorimer and Mandile volunteer with the River North Residents Association. Mandile enjoys spending time with his parents, girlfriend and puppy, as well as traveling and playing hockey. “It’s important to stay grounded with the people and things that matter most,” says Lorimer, who, like Mandile, enjoys spending time with his family and dog.

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