Lisa Kon, Managing Broker

Baird & Warner Edgebrook

For Lisa Kon, real estate really is a family affair. Kon began her career in 1989, following in her mother’s footsteps. A few years later, her mother moved to Baird & Warner and Kon went with her. Eventually, Kon found herself on the path to becoming the managing broker of the Edgebrook office, a role she has proudly held since 2006. Kon has also passed her passion for real estate on to the next generation. Her son, Teddy, is a loan officer with Key Mortgage Services.

With 30 years of history behind her, helping agents grow with Baird & Warner is personal for Kon. Those who spend just a few minutes speaking with her quickly get a sense of her enthusiasm, knowledge and love of helping others succeed in the company that has given her so much. “I believe that each and every one of my brokers has the ability to achieve the highest level of success,” Kon says. “Each and every one is so important, and I want everyone to be validated.”

Kon believes in leading with confidence and excitement, two words that she says “instantly come to mind when you visit the offices of Baird & Warner Edgebrook.”
She describes the associates there as a team of “serious real estate nerds” who bring everything they have to their clients around Chicagoland. “It’s the energy,” she says. “You feel it when you walk in the door. You feel the energy when you speak to an Edgebrook agent. We have a group of brokers who are highly competitive but are even more collaborative.”

And there are plenty of success stories to go around at the Edgebrook office, where business regularly increases year after year. As a managing broker, Kon’s philosophy is to be present, involved and informed. “I am honored to work alongside such a bright and talented group of individuals. I love being able to coach, guide and support my brokers as their managing broker,” she says. “And that is truly what it is all about.”

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