Josh Denlow, Vice President of Residential Lending

Draper & Kramer Mortgage Corp.

Josh Denlow’s tenure in the mortgage world has been especially rewarding. The industry is where he built a career, co-founded a mortgage team and met his wife. As the leader of The Denlow Mortgage Team at Draper & Kramer Mortgage Corp., he serves a diverse range of clients across Chicago, Evanston and the surrounding suburbs.

An Evanston native and a graduate of the University of Kansas, Denlow began his professional life in the telecommunications industry before the dot-com crash inspired him to seek a new direction. “I wanted to take control of my career and make a bigger impact on the lives of my clients,” he says. He joined the mortgage industry in 2004 and years later founded The Denlow Mortgage Team with his wife, fellow loan officer Jess Denlow and longtime colleague Chris Hellinga.

The team’s philosophy is that three loan officers are better than one. “Day, night or weekend, if someone needs a pre-approval, a call back or anything else, we’re available to take care of them,” Denlow says. Jess Denlow helps behind the scenes and assists with Spanish-speaking clients, while Hellinga specializes in client outreach and Realtor support. All three are licensed mortgage originators.

Denlow enjoys working with big and small borrowers alike. “Over the years, I have closed many conforming loans for people buying small condos in the city as their first homes as well as jumbo loans for borrowers purchasing their dream homes in the suburbs,” he says. “I always take the time to customize their mortgages based on their current living situations as well as their plans for the future.” Referrals from satisfied past clients and his professional partners account for 100 percent of Denlow’s business.

Denlow and his wife reside in Evanston and have three children: Jadyn, 17; Dylan, 14; and Niko, 21. Over the years, Denlow has been a coach and sponsor of his children’s basketball, baseball and flag football teams. “I have taken immense pride in watching them grow up, just as I have simultaneously grown in the industry,” he says. Denlow also plays on softball and basketball leagues with several of his clients and partners.

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