Imran Khan, Principal Attorney and Owner

ARK Attorneys-at-Law and Atlas Title & Escrow

One of the youngest owners of a settlement service company in Illinois, Imran Khan, the principal attorney at ARK Attorneys-at-Law and owner of Atlas Title & Escrow, is shepherding real estate law into the age of modern technology. “My goal is to build an artificial intelligence platform to automate workflow in the legal practice,” says Khan. “I want to be a leader in digital closings and envision that they will eventually be fully electronic and online.”

Khan and his team serve residential real estate clients, excelling with first-time homebuyers who require intensive consulting and education through the process. As a natural problem solver and negotiator, Khan is equally excited about working with investors and more complicated transactions. In 2018 alone, Khan’s escrow firm closed more than 1,100 transactions, setting the bar high during its first year in business.

Prior to earning his law license, Khan worked for smaller law firms and consulting companies as a document reviewer. “I recognized a gap between law firm workflow with real estate brokerages and lenders,” he says, explaining how through utilizing new technology, he implemented seamless workflows for lenders, brokers and attorneys.

Khan has a Juris Doctor and a Master of Laws in real estate law. He is known for providing forward-thinking solutions and efficient service while maintaining a positive attitude and vivacious energy.

Khan traveled to more than a dozen countries in 2018 and will fly to Santiago, Chile, in September 2019 to help a family build their home. He is a tenacious musician and has been taking four private piano lessons per week for the last three years.

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