Daniel Chookaszian, Senior Home Lending Advisor


Daniel Chookaszian wasn’t necessarily inspired to pursue a career in lending from the start. Now that he’s here, the impact he makes on clients’ lives has inspired him to stay.

As a senior home lending advisor for Chase, Chookaszian spends much of his time working with jumbo loans and has an expertise in VA loans. He has enjoyed helping veterans understand the best way to navigate the lending process. In fact, Chookaszian helped Chicago Sun-Times writer Terry Savage with a 2008 article on the subject. “Since then, I’ve helped her with about 10 subsequent articles that helped educate the public about the benefits of the VA loan,” he said.

This year, Chookaszian joined the Chase team, and the move has allowed him to further propel his career. Chookaszian knows his clients count on him to be transparent and to deliver in every aspect of the lending process, and this realization motivates him every day. “A pilot can’t control the weather, but he can safely bring passengers to their destination on time,” he said. “That’s my job.”

For Chookaszian, being available to clients and providing clarity makes all the difference. His approach involves a specific three-step process, as well as providing clients a simple email he refers to as a High-level Overview. “I love this aspect of my job because it saves everyone time, including clients’ real estate agents,” he said.

Chookaszian was named among the Illinois Mortgage Bankers Association’s 2018 nominees for best loan officer at a big bank.

Outside of work, Chookaszian and his wife love to travel and support nonprofits. Chookaszian received his master’s degree at the Moody Bible Institute, has taught classes at The Moody Church and enjoys playing in a band called Abel’s Offering.

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