Andre T. Mitchell & DJ Peoples, Brokers

The Dream Team

With a solid reputation in Bronzeville, metro Chicago and the south suburbs, Andre T. Mitchell and DJ Peoples recently expanded their territory to the South Loop, a move that required them to start from scratch, learning the community and building relationships. With hard work and determination, they achieved their goal of establishing their business in the neighborhood’s luxury high-rise market while maintaining excellent service in the markets they have always served.

Together Mitchell and Peoples, brokers at The Dream Team at Baird & Warner, have 25 years of experience in real estate. “We both have a true passion to help others,” they say. “We both saw a career in real estate as being our way to make an impact in the world.”

Mitchell and Peoples have consistently maintained Top Producer status with Baird & Warner and the Chicago Association of Realtors. Bringing laughter and ease to a process that can be stressful, they listen to clients’ needs and try to make each transaction as seamless as possible. “Our business is not transactional; it’s relationship-based,” they say. “With every person we help, our goal is to act ethically and with the highest morals.”

Both Mitchell and Peoples grew up with entrepreneurs in their families, but neither realized their own business potential until later in life. Peoples’ entrance into real estate was inevitable. A former college professor, she bought and sold several homes out of necessity while traveling the world with her husband, a member of the U.S. Air Force. She became so familiar with the process that she often provided agents with sources to help them complete their transactions. Mitchell, who previously worked as the director of leasing and marketing for the largest building in Draper and Kramer’s property management portfolio, saw the value in helping others achieve homeownership and decided to do it for a living.

Now Mitchell and Peoples are mentors in the community. “We both want to lead by example and encourage young people to explore careers based on their passions,” they say. In his downtime, Mitchell enjoys traveling abroad and exploring Chicago’s newest restaurants. Peoples loves spending time with her family and traveling.

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