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Larry Steinway

Larry Steinway

Larry Steinway

Senior Mortgage Banker | PHH Home Loans

One might say Larry Steinway was peer-pressured into the business; his mother was a real estate agent, his sister was a processor, and they both wanted him to venture into the real estate industry, as well. After 22 years in the home loans business, it seems it’s grown on him. “My favorite part about my career is helping those who dream of homeownership achieve that goal,” Steinway says. “I take this very seriously.”

Currently a senior mortgage banker for PHH Home Loans in Lincoln Park and executive loan officer for one of the largest Coldwell Banker offices in the U.S., Steinway surrounds himself with people who are as passionate about their career as he is. “The average duration of employment in our group is 14 years of service,” he says. “This says a lot about the great culture of our company.” PHH dominates the in-house lending platform, Steinway adds, and he hopes that in the future, the company can grow even more by focusing on its relationships with Realtors. “While many lenders are focused on refinance, we continue to enhance our Realtor relationships.”

One of Steinway’s greatest achievements is being one of the top originators in volume for his company in the Midwest. However, outside of work, he is most passionate about his family. “My two beautiful daughters and my supportive wife give me the strength I need to be an industry leader,” he says.

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