Bert Gor

Bert Gor

Bert Gor

Short Sale Specialist | RE/MAX Professionals Select

Bert Gor of RE/MAX Professionals Select has been highly successful in his eight years of real estate. For four years in a row, he has been the No. 1 ranked RE/MAX short sale agent in Northern Illinois, successfully closing more individual short sales in Northern Illinois than any other agent; he has also ranked in the top five RE/MAX agents in Northern Illinois and is president of the Short Sale Group, Inc.

“Every month, I turn homeowners who were ‘non-believers’ into ‘believers,'” Gor says. “There is nothing more satisfying than when a homeowner, whose dignity you helped save, got their lender(s) to forgive the debt and prevented one more foreclosure in the community.” He adds that he is working to improve homeowners’ faith in short sales. “My goal is to get homeowners to understand that short sales are far better than foreclosure and the shorted amount can be forgiven, if negotiated properly, and that is what we do.”

Gor also aims to work with agents, and has created a referral program where agents are able to refer their short sales for referral commissions of up to 35 percent. “My goal in every single short sale transaction is to obtain the homeowner debt forgiveness.” After work, Gor is ecstatic to go home to his baby girl (born November 2010) and his wife; he describes his family as “the greatest gift a man could ever receive.”

  • Pamela Rogers says:

    Bert ~ Congratulations on a job well done, your Dad would have been so proud of you!! You have the key to life with your last sentence….
    As Ever, Pam

  • Mike & Kelly L. says:

    Bert – Thank you so much for helping us sell our home. It has now been almost 2 years and we are just about to be able to buy again. We were so ready to just walk away. You really did turn us in to “believers”. We were the “non-believers” you mention above. Our lender told us we may have had to wait for 5+ years if we let our house foreclose. Thank you so much. We will be using you to buy our next home! I was happy to see this as you so deserve this write up. More people should know about you! Mike & Kelly

  • Louis says:

    Bert is such great guy! I am a Realtor and have done a few short sales before, but I got in to trouble with my own home and an investment property. I called Bert earlier this year to help me sell it. I did not want to chance making a mistake and them not getting approved. We just closed the 2nd one and they actually both closed faster than we thought. One sold in 4.5 months and the other in just over 5. He was able to get both lenders to forgive the debt. I really never thought it could happen with how far upside down I was. I thought for sure I would have to file bankruptcy. I would recommend Bert to anyone looking to do a short sale and I am a Realtor myself!

  • Steve S. says:

    Thank you Bert Gor! I remember reading this article about you last year before we hired you. I thought to myself I hope this guy is the real deal. Well you proved yourself to be far more than any article can describe you. You are a real man of your word. You promised and OVER delivered. I have to pinch myself to think that you and your team were able to get Wells Fargo to forgive that large of a balance. I know we were a pain in the you know what at times, but thank you for not giving up on us. I can’t believe what a difference it made by us hiring you from our last Realtor who should us the house. We were so ready to just walk away.
    Feel free to give anyone who is on the fence about using you my number and I would be happy to share my story. You seriously changed our life. I wish you got paid more than you did, but one day you will get paid by the karma bank! Thank you and congratulations on your 2nd daughter. Steve & Jenny