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Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen

Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending | Guaranteed Rate

“My goal is to provide my clients with the best products and service in the marketplace,” Ben Cohen, senior vice president of mortgage lending at Guaranteed Rate, says. “I shop for the best rates and products from the nation’s top lenders to find the perfect fit for my clients’ needs.” Cohen is the preferred lender for numerous leading businesses throughout Chicago. In addition, Guaranteed Rate utilizes best practices from other industries, which helps expedite innovative systems and technologies that significantly reduce operating costs – “a savings that is passed on to the consumers by offering low rates and fees,” he says.

Cohen made his transition to mortgage banking in 2004 from the management consulting business. He was able to leverage his relationships developed during his eight years as a consultant, as well as his customer service skill set, and bring them to the marketplace.

“I pride myself on exceptional service. From the initial phone call I receive to closing, my team and I pride ourselves on exceeding expectations,” Cohen says. “We will never over-promise and under-deliver.”

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