Maggie Antillon-Mathews, Jeannine Prombo and Stephanie Andre-Ouellette

Maggie Antillon-Mathews, Jeannine Prombo and Stephanie Andre-Ouellette

Partners | Avid Solutions, LLC

Avid Solutions opened in 2009, working to assist struggling families and individuals as an abundance of short sales and foreclosures became the unfortunate outcome of the recession. With a roster currently boasting assistance of over 200 homeowners in seven different states and reduction of over $19 million in overvalued mortgage debt, the company, along with its partner brokerage, MAG Realty, has offered many homeowners a second chance. With 22 years of combined real estate experience, Maggie Antillon-Mathews (11 years), Jeannine Prombo (seven years) and Stephanie Andre-Ouellette (four years) work together as agents of change. Their business has even become a family affair – Antillon-Mathews’ and Prombo’s husbands are Avid negotiators, and Andre- Ouellette’s husband owns the company that Avid partners with for its rehab projects.

“We love making a difference in communities with not only our loss mitigation business, but with the investment side of our business, as well, when we can help improve a street or neighborhood by purchasing and rehabbing a vacant home that has been a problem to the residents. We love that we are able to constantly educate ourselves on ever-changing real estate strategies and put them into action in our business every day,” they said.

When the trio met three-and-a-half years ago through a real estate investment education program, each was working on short sales. After deciding to collaborate, the enterprise blossomed into the business it has become. “We want to be a driving force in helping to stabilize and rebuild communities affected by the foreclosure epidemic, both through negotiating short sales, educating homeowners on the foreclosure process and the options they have to avoid foreclosure and continuing to rehab homes and better neighborhoods,” they said.

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