Anthony Marinaccio

Anthony Marinaccio

Anthony Marinaccio

Senior Vice President | Chicago Bancorp

As a senior vice president at the age of 31 with only seven years in the industry, Anthony Marinaccio is on the fast track to success at Chicago Bancorp. He entered the industry as a top producer, and has proven himself as a trusted mortgage advisor. His experience ranges from consulting advanced homebuyers on multi-million dollar lending solutions, to guiding first-time homebuyers through their first real estate transaction.

Marinaccio’s understanding of client needs, along with keen industry insight, has been a key factor in his rapid advancement with Chicago Bancorp. He is also responsible for managing a team of accomplished senior mortgage bankers. His goal as a manager is to ensure the practices and business goals of Chicago Bancorp touch home with all clients.

“We retain control of the entire lending process from application to closing, which is a must in today’s market,” Marinaccio says of his company. “Not only do we offer our own lending solutions, we also have access to products and services of 20 of the most prestigious financial institutions in the country, maximizing the amount of options for clients.”

Marinaccio’s next steps? In business, his goal is to become partner at Chicago Bancorp. Personally, he looks forward to his upcoming nuptials.

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