Mary Bane, Vice President Regional Production,
Joe Perry, Branch Manager,
Brain Buchanan, Branch Manager
Milton Manolis, Regional Renovation Sales Manager


Real estate is an intriguing and ever-changing industry. For Mary Bane, the VP of regional production for national lender imortgage, a division of loanDepot, LLC, that is one of the reasons she entered the industry, and it is a sentiment shared throughout her team, which includes Branch Managers Joe Perry and Brian Buchanan, as well as Regional Renovation Sales Manager Milton Manolis.

When Mary Bane entered the industry 25 years ago, her desire was to help provide loans to borrowers who did not fit in the “conventional box” most other loan originators were lending in – a service that imortgage specializes in. “We serve every qualified homebuyer,” she says, with a special focus on “the underserved communities” – people who have experienced a few financial bumps along the road, yet are still deserving of the opportunity to own a home. The chance to support “underserved communities” is what keeps Bane excited about her career. “When I think about the families we’ve helped put into homes, who never thought they’d be able to own one, it is very rewarding,” she says. “That inspires me.”

Joe Perry shares Bane’s enthusiasm. “There’s no better feeling than helping a qualified buyer who was told ‘no’ by another lender.” As branch manager, the 26-year veteran works to recruit and retain top loan originators, teaching them the principles he learned during his own time as a loan originator. “It is better to understand than to be understood,” he says, explaining that listening is an invaluable skill for a loan originator. “That is a skill that is going to be beneficial in any industry.” Perry also emphasizes honesty and integrity, which he describes as the defining qualities of a good business person. “Those are things you cannot just say you have,” he says. “You have to live and demonstrate them in your work, which we do on a daily basis.”

“Choosing the right company with the right support system and training is most important in our industry,” says Brian Buchanan, referencing his decision to work with imortgage. He had evaluated the company and its processes, and found it more focused and driven than others he had experience with. “We have a vision and culture that is experienced, not just talked about,” he says. Buchanan has been in the industry for 22 years, and has learned that when delivered with integrity, a hands-on approach with clients is best. “Staying true to the needs of clients and understanding what choices are best for them financially, will have a lasting impact on their lives,” he adds. “We are very excited about the mortgage business and how imortgage will help shape it.”

The fourth member of Bane’s team is Milton Manolis, who specializes in renovation lending and has begun to play a much bigger role in the real estate industry. “One of the recurring issues we face in this industry is appraisal values,” he explains. “Renovation lending helps create unexplored options for enhancing a property, as well as boosting surrounding home values.” In an effort to share his knowledge, Manolis spends time training both originators and Realtors on the particulars of renovation lending. He believes with enough professionals in the know, “this platform will improve the overall state of the national housing market.”

Thanks to Heidi Seagren for letting us use her beautiful listing for our photo shoots.

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