Ginna Ryan


Ginna Ryan

Mauge, Inc.

Ginna Ryan, principal with the highly regarded creative agency Mauge, considers her ability to align her creative skills with clients’ goals the key to ushering clients to the top of their game.

A graduate of the Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses management program, Ryan is proud to have become an accomplished creative force in the local real estate industry. From planning stages to the final product, Ryan’s passion for bringing a vision to life provides results-driven campaigns that move clients to new levels of success.

While Ryan has long stood out as a leader at Mauge – she helped rebuild following the 2007 recession and played a key role in the firm’s 10- year relationship with Magellan Development Group and its Lakeshore East neighborhood project – she doesn’t pretend to do it all, or to want to. With both account and creative personnel at her side, she feels confident with her team’s ability to tackle any work, whether it’s luxury, new construction, first-time buyers or, really, whatever.

“At Mauge, a good portion of our business comes from referrals,” she says. “Our clients and those they refer send us business because they know we are consistent in the quality of our work and have a dynamic, collaborative approach that allows clients to actively participate in the creative and strategic process.”

As Chicago’s immediate market, as well as the nation’s, continue to rebound from the recession, Ryan expects that Mauge’s business will continue to grow, but is careful to point out that, as far as she’s concerned, quality still comes first.

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