Four Must-Know Lessons About Online Real Estate Advertising

By Bob Corcoran This past summer, my son was looking to buy a home in St. Louis, not far from my office. I intentionally watched as he sat down at the computer and turned the occasion into my own

Facebook Metrics: Building a Strategy Around Free Data

By Carrie Gable  We hear it all the time: one of the best ways to have an effective and thriving online presence is to monitor who is looking at your content and which elements of your marketing are seeing

Getting Comfortable With Social Media for Your Brand

By Mitch Levinson Chicago real estate agents and homebuilders, are you using social media as part of your marketing strategy? If your answer is no, it’s most likely because you’re overwhelmed by all of the different social media outlets

E-marketing: The Do’s, Don’ts and Don’t EVERS

By Barbara Kleban It seems as though the hot topic among Realtors of late is e-marketing. To text or not to text? To email a newsletter or skip it and go to the Bears game (sigh)? Today’s marketing has

How to Become a Chicago Neighborhood Expert, Part 3

Welcome to the final installment of the How to Become a Neighborhood Expert series. In my first article, Part 1 of How to Become a Chicago Neighborhood Expert, we talked about setting up a blog as your online “hub,”

Best Practices With Email Marketing

By Matthew Collis Some self-proclaimed “experts” have said that email marketing is dead. Others swear by it. But at the end of the day, email marketing can be highly effective if it’s done right. In our business, IXACT Contact,

Social Media and Video – Are You Thinking Big Enough?

I watched a video today about a nine-year-old boy in Los Angeles named Caine Monroy. Take a moment to watch the video yourself and get a full understanding of the story before reading the rest of this. Done? Ok.

How to Become a Chicago Neighborhood Expert

With almost 90 percent of all potential clients starting their home search online, most of us understand the power of being found in Google and other search engines when potential clients are looking for a Chicago broker. But have

How SMS Messaging Can Improve Company Communications

There are companies that look down on text messaging. It might look like that employee isn’t paying attention, but the truth is, they might actually be multi-tasking and working, just by reading and sending texts – provided the texts

Facebook Ads: What’s the Skinny?

One of my No. 1 hot topics in trainings right now is Facebook ads. It can seem like an elusive concept at first – how can you capitalize on the target marketing platform available through Facebook? However, once you

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