New Technology Frontiers for Real Estate Agents to Conquer: Part 2

By Casey Reagan Mobile – the New Frontier At the beginning of the last decade, we experienced a dramatic increase in consumers utilizing the Internet for property searches. The numbers went from nearly no one to almost everyone (90

Q&A With Chicago Agent’s Own Web Expert

Agents often ask us for tips on what they can do to improve their websites without breaking the bank. We asked Chad Gardner, CA’s marketing coordinator who also developed the new website, to answer a few of the

New Technology Frontiers for Real Estate Agents to Conquer: Part 1

By Casey Reagan Where We Are Today Examining the future role that the Internet and technology will play in the real estate world requires understanding of the impact the Internet has already made on the industry. We primarily see

Greener Options for Small Business Communications

By Steve Adams When economic times are good, the spirit of altruism seems to be at the forefront. Individuals and organizations look for ways they can make a positive impact on other people and their surroundings – even if

Greenwashing: The Benedict Arnold of the Green Revolution

By Colin Rohlfing, LEED AP Not long ago, a major retailer launched its largest sustainability campaign to date. The retailer printed – yes, printed – 20 million, 16-page publications intended to help customers find budget-friendly ways to help the

Realtors in a Green Society

By Eugenia M. Orr Our city is filled with people who want to be globally responsible, but don’t know where to start. As a real estate professional, there are many ways that you can point out features, items and

Social Media Are the Future of Marketing New Homes

Nearing the end of the first decade of the new millennium, social media sites play a defining role in the next generation of Web

New Green Tools of the Trade

By Laura Reedy Stukel In 2009, “green” real estate was white hot – a bright focus during a down market. But as the economy and the local real estate market tried to right-size itself this year, the green trend


Broadcasting Your Partner’s Voice By Sandy Marshall A couple of years ago, when the housing market flipped itself, people shopping for homes suddenly craved a real version of what was going on inside the industry. Buyers suddenly wondered how

Education and Motivation to Find Success

By Teresa Ryan View more in our 2010 Spring New Construction Digital Edition Achieving success in today’s market requires more than being good, it requires excellence. In this current market where deals can easily fall through and buyers need

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