3 Rules to Follow When Using Pinterest for Real Estate

Pinterest is the latest kid on the block, and as a result, it’s generating plenty of attention from marketers; how can agents, though, use it effectively? With 10 million unique visitors a month, longer user times than Facebook and Twitter,

The Know How for Houzz

What is Houzz? And how can it be effectively utilized for your real estate business? Mitch Levinson of Marketing RELEVANCE explains. Just like any good social media site, Houzz is designed to attract new customers to your business. However,

3 Reasons You Should Care About iOS 7

iOS 7 may seem like a tech geek’s paradise, but the changes it represents in the iOS platform on the iPhone and iPad will affect real estate agents. Well, it’s here – after months of anticipation, Apple has finally

Grammar: Text Messaging’s Vanquished Foe?

OMG, rly? Oh yes, the evidence has arrived, and it’s damning – text messaging, and the “techspeak” it promulgates, is harmful to grammar and writing. Without sounding too dramatic, we’re going to start this article with the obvious: text

Five Mobile Marketing Tools for Tech-Savvy Agents

Mobile marketing can be a huge boon to your business, and we’ve got five tools you can use for improving your mobile marketing game. We’ve reported previously that mobile marketing means big business. 79.4 million people will be using

2013 Search Trends for Real Estate Agents

Real estate is a popular subject for Web browsers, but what are real estate agents? And how often are agents searched for online? Alyssa Mattero explains. Google and other search engines play an important role in the real estate

Listing Presentations That Combine Old and New School Ways

When it comes to listing presentations, you should utilize both classic and technologically advanced methods to woo potential sellers, explains Christina Groves of Coldwell Banker. So you have just made an appointment to meet with a potential seller and

Low Inventory, High Resolve: How Technology Keeps You and Your Client Ahead of the Contract

If you had to describe the current state of the market to new buyers in just four words, how would you do it? My best guess – “here today, gone tomorrow.” Agents are finally finding their buyers responding quickly to homes

What a 67-Year-Old Grandma Can Teach You About SEO

Gloria Valvasori with Better Homes & Gardens is 67 years old, raising three grandchildren, a full-time Realtor and a whiz at SEO and social media marketing! Now before you say she must have been a computer geek all along,

5 Reasons to Take M-commerce Seriously

M-commerce, or commerce via mobile devices, is the future of business in America, and a new eMarketer survey hammers home that fact. M-commerce, short hand for shopping via mobile devices, used to be a fledgling component of the American

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