5 Simple Tips to Beat the Competition

By Zipporah Porton While experts predict 2011 will be a better year than 2010, agents will still need to work hard and focus in order to find success. Therefore, going above and beyond is the only way to really

Build a Blueprint for Success

By Brian Buffini Chairman/Founder, Buffini & Company As a kid growing up in Ireland, summers meant working alongside my four brothers in the family painting business. My dad often reminded us that in a small country like Ireland, if

Test Your Presentation Skills!

1. Do you listen more than you talk during a listing presentation?  OYes ONo 2. Do you ask the homeowners questions about the home’s architectural style and neighborhood? OYes ONo 3. If you get an important call during the

Give the Sellers What They Want: Buyers!

By Randy Roussie Why does a seller hire an agent? Simply put, sellers hire agents because they cannot find a buyer on their own. This is the ‘priority reason’ why a seller hires an agent. This insight gives the

Quiz Answers

From V8, I3 Cover Story: HOW TO MAKE A GREAT LISTING PRESENTATION IN 2011 So, how are your skills? Read the answers below to see if you’re on the right track to getting a great track record with clients: 1. Some

Did You Know…?

Chicagoland is filled with eager citizens doing their best to help save our environment for generations to come. From green roofs to recycling, a large variety of projects and offices are chipping in to go green.

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Positive Attitude Brings Success

Words of advice from an industry veteran By Alan Lev We all know that 2007 was tough, but we also know the pendulum will swing back; it always does. Success is determined largely by attitude. If you think you

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