Agent X

It’s a Beautiful Day…

By Agent X Ah, neighborhoods. There’s the busybody across the street keeping an eye on your house – for your benefit, of course. And then there’s the guy who borrows everyone’s tools and never remembers to return them. Around

A History Lesson

By Agent X Since this is Chicago Agent’s Association Issue, Agent X has decided to provide you loyal readers with a history lessons. I can hear those groans from here, but there is nothing wrong with a little educational

CA Knows How to Party

By Agent X Did you hear the extremely loud noise coming from the loop last Tuesday night? It was the sound of over 250 Realtors kicking off the Spring new construction selling season at Chicago Agent’s event at the

Change is on the Way

By Agent X Looks like Andrius Augunas has motored on out of here, back to a safe house in his home country of Lithuania. The Rokas International Inc. owner responsible for the stalled Motor Row Condominium development hasn’t been

Thanks for the Memories

By Agent X 100 Issues of Chicago Agent — wow, quite an achievement wouldn’t you say? It’s larger when you consider CA has published over 4,500 pages of well-written, educational and informative editorial. CA has photographed and published over

The Search for Truth

By Agent X It’s been said that truth was the first U.S. casualty of the war in Iraq. If this is true, then was truth the first casualty in the lending market that led this great nation to its

Subprime This and Subprime That

By Agent X It’s interesting how much our industry has become such an enormous part of everyday living. The industry we love, live, eat and breathe is not only the talk of our conversations, it has reached new heights

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