Agent X

Love is in the Air

I know this issue is about cross-generational selling, but how about some cross-generational loving? Valentine’s day was just last weekend, and when it comes to dating I am open to candidates of all ages. I myself am ageless, so

Let Me Show You the Boom Boom

For all you know, I am a baby boomer myself. I’m not confirming or denying, but I do know that many baby boomers have the best quality you can find in any client: money! You can do all that

The Whiz

Here we are at the Mortgage issue once again. This may come as a shock to some of you, but I am a mortgage whiz. I’ve always really had a knack for numbers. Unfortunately, I discovered that the mortgage

Agentz in the Hood

Some people say that all suburbs look alike, and those same people probably say that all agents look alike; neither statement is true. I will admit that some ‘burbs lack a little personality, but unfortunately I’m not allowed to

Luxury Laps

Agent X knows a thing or two about luxury, which I’m sure you could’ve guessed. I once sold a one-bedroom condo for over $6 million to a certain basketball player that I’m not allowed to name. Needless to say

Let’s Make a Deal

When I was a wee-little Agent X, my favorite show was “Let’s Make a Deal.” Regular shmoes would show up at the game show and do whatever they could for a great deal. Why take the new color TV

My Second Home is Bigger Than Yours

I’ve been told on occasion that I brag too much. In last year’s Second Homes, issue I mentioned all of the wonderful spots where I have my own second pad, and I know there are a lot of jealous

Follow Me On Twitter Right Now

Yet again we have landed on a topic on which I am an expert. Of course it’s hard to find a topic where I’m not an expert, but when it comes to social media I rule the world. I’m

New Construction Naps

View more in our 2010 Spring New Construction Digital Edition I think I’ve mentioned before that I used to spend my time selling new construction units. I’m getting old and my memory slips, or it might be the brain

I Like Being on Top

I’ve heard the complaints out there, but for me, last year was just as stellar as ever. I had to do a bit more hustling and flowing, but my results didn’t dip any further than Grandma Trudy at her

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