Agent X


It will come as no surprise to you that I am a mix of about 16 nationalities. There is no need to do the math – just believe what I say. I speak 24 languages, and have never met

My Great Idea

For the second year in a row, I was not invited to the Agents’ Choice Awards party. Sometimes it really blows having to hide my identity. I did have spies, but sadly I missed the vino (though I heard

Price Shmrice

I am tired of everyone whining about prices. Low prices means your clients can get a steal. Maybe your commission might be slightly lower, but you know how you can fix that? Sell more houses. With prices this cheap

Do You Remember Your First Time?

X is back, baby! Did you miss me? I didn’t miss you while I was lounging on the beach sipping mai tais. You know how I afford gallivanting around the world – working with first-time buyers! I worked with

My Own P’s

Sometimes, it’s useful to be picky, and marketing is a great example. That’s why I’ve created my own “p’s” of marketing, with picky being the first. The rest are pompous, confidence gets you everywhere; perpetuity, look it up; paradise,

Homes Here, There and Everywhere

If I were to tell you how many homes I really have you’d hate me. There are scads of people out there that already hate me for plenty of good reasons, so I brag about my numerous homes to

Where’s My Page?

If you ask me, Agent X should have a four-page spread in this issue. With CA highlighting the coolest and most important people in the industry, it pains me to have to hide my identity. Who could be more

Chicago Summers Rule

As sweat drips off of my nose onto my keyboard, I’m reminded that I can again feel my toes and summer is almost here. If you had asked me my favorite neighborhood in the winter, I would’ve told you

Living in Luxury

I can’t imagine living in any lap but the lap of luxury, and I am a big fan of laps. Back in the before time when I was an agent, the luxury clients were my favorites. Either they knew

I Like Things BIG

If you ask me, big is always the way to go. Office, condo, hair, paycheck, car – I like everything to be huge. It might be hard to find a parking spot for my humongous SUV, but when I’m

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